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Best Toys for Golden Retrievers That Dispense Food

Golden Retrievers love to play! Even better if the toy dispenses food as this combines their two favourite things, food and fun!

Over the years owning many types of labradors I have established my top 5 toys that have proved their worth.

Just make sure that when using these to dispense food you incorporate into their daily allowance as fat pooch is an unhappy one especially if they are young and are still developing their joints. 

The Wobble Kong

Quite simply the best way to entertain your dog and built to last. Made from hard plastic, you simply unscrew the base and add your choice of treat/food. The base has a weight and the dog quickly learns by batting the toy, they get dispensed food.

Best used for dogs being fed on kibble, just put a part of their meal in the wobble kong and watch them use their dexterity and determination to get their food. 

Rubber Snake From B &M

Indestructible rubber snake with a gap down the inside that you can place a variety of food. We use standard kibble but this falls out quite easily. By adding some banana or larger treats this can entertain for a good session.

Standard Kong 

These come in several sizes so you can buy according to the age of your dog. Although you can buy specific Kong food, we have found the best is to put in any variety of wet dog food and freeze it. Whenever you need your dog entertained for a while this method works brilliantly. They seem to be completely indestructible so we have now built up quite a collection of different sizes.


Not exactly a dispenser of food but all of our labradors find these quite irisistable. Not cheap but they last a long time. If you are able to buy in person, my tip would be to go for a lighter (less dense) variety as although they eat them faster, they are more engaging as make more progress


Hollow Marrowbone

Simple, cheap and effective, get a short large hollow real bone. Fill it with canned dog food and freeze. A bit messy but will keep a young dog amused. 




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